If you are a marketer or have ever tried to sell something online before; you may have experienced a situation where you got thousands of clicks to your landing but zero or little sell.

To say it sucks is an understatement. There is nothing more disappointing than a visitor leaving your sales page without taking action, especially when you have spent a lot of money on ads to bring him there.

Fortunately, the solution is simple. If you are getting visitors to your landing/sales page without conversion, you simply have to make one change – your CTA. If the customer comes to your sales page, it means he has some amount of interest on what you are selling, it is now left for you to use powerful texts, images, and videos to keep the desire burning like fire and get him to take action with a powerful and irresistible CTA.


Why Should You Be Using a Powerful CTA?

CTA stands for Call-To-Action. The name explains itself. If you have been to military training ground or even watch some of Hollywood war movies, you will understand what a good CTA is all about.

When soldiers are being called to fight, they use powerful but irresistible tone to signify it is time for action. That is what you should be doing. Competition in internet marketing is like a war zone, you can’t leave anything to chances. Your CTA needs to be a sharp as possible.

CTA - call to action


What’s CTA Anyway?

If you still don’t know what CTA is all about, it is a button you use on your landing page to guide the user to an action you want him to take. Your user needs to click on your CTA button to take the desired action. Your CTA can vary in size, style, and color as far as it lets you reach your conversion goal.

Some examples of CTA include:

  • Add to Cart
  • Sign Up Now
  • Download Free Now
  • Subscribe Now


Note that a CTA is a button. That’s not text, not a hyperlink, not memes, and not even gifs. It’s simply a button that is there for one purpose – to get your visitors to take action. It’s very important and indispensable that you must always try to use it in your e-commerce or whenever you are trying to get visitors to take action.


Top 5 Tips To Get Higher Conversions Using CTA

If you are not getting the right conversion with your CTA, consider today your lucky day. Below, you will get some tips top marketers use to double their conversion with their CTA Buttons.


1. Use a Compelling Copy

Listen, the most important part of your CTA button is not the size, not the color, or even the placement. The most important aspect of your CTA is the copy (text).

The words on your CTA button needs to be compelling and irresistible. It needs to motivate and inspire the visitor. If you can’t inspire him, make him feel guilty or about to miss out. Either way, make sure you use a compelling copy.

For instance:

  • Do It
  • Get the White Paper
  • Download Free Only Today!
  • Get Free Shipping!


2. Mute Other Buttons

If you have more than one buttons on your page, mute all of them leaving your most important button. It is kind of a psychology that lets the visitor know that the button that is not muted is better.

When you mute other buttons, it makes your CTA come to the foreground. This way, your visitor can’t miss it. You can mute other buttons using a lighter and less aggressive color or turn your secondary buttons into ghosts.

The point here is to make your CTA very obvious and hard to miss.

cta button illustration


3. Your Button Needs Logical Placement

To ensure a better outcome, your CTA button must be placed in the path of the visitor. The goal here is to place your CTA button where the user is most likely going to look next.

As easy as this sounds, I felt bad when I see marketers placing their CTA button otherwise. Your website visitor doesn’t need to struggle to find your CTA. Make it very easy for him to see and use the button after reading your text or watching your video. You can find a good example of CTA on Apple’s website.


4. Tell Your Visitor What Clicking CTA Will Do

Most times, your visitors will be skeptical about clicking on your CTA. You can’t blame them; they may have had an ugly experience in the past. One way to solve this problem is to be upfront with them.

Let them know what clicking on your CTA button will do (Or won’t do). You don’t need to use long explanation, four or five words will do.

For instance:

Using Social Media For Business? – See Business Plans’

The part that says See Business Plans’ is your CTA; it clearly explains to the visitor what he will get by clicking on the button. This way, you will gain his trust. It is simple, yet a very effective way to increase your conversion.


5. Don’t Use More Than 5 Words

Your CTA button is not an opportunity for you to start explaining how awesome your product is. You’ve already done that on the rest of the page.

Avoid bombarding the visitor with long boring texts. Most people are very lazy when it comes to reading. This means you don’t need more than 5 words on your CTA. In some rare instances, you can use up to 7. However, to be on the safe side, I will recommend keeping it to 5 or less words.

color palette


6. Use Contrasting Colors

Your CTA is a CTA for a purpose. Remember the example I gave above with military training? You don’t expect a military commander to use the same tone he used during a meeting to command his troops to war, do you? Certainly not!

The most effective CTAs I’ve seen have something in common – a contrasting color. The idea of using a contrasting color is to draw the user’s eye to it.

When you use a contrasting color, it becomes hard for the user to miss it. It tells the user that now is time for Action.



A little change to your CTA button can help you improve conversion. However, note that CTA is not your only problem, you need to ensure you are using a convincing copy and have an irresistible offer. When you do, a good CTA will help you seal the deal.


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