The holiday season is here! This is a special season and people usually make some crazy purchases during this season. If you have not started to plan a marketing campaign for the winter holidays already, you are lagging behind.

For most online stores, their sales will double and will have more orders to fulfill. This season is indeed, the busiest period of the year.

As the winter holiday season approaches, what are you doing to maximize the holiday shopping rush for your business? It is very easy to take advantage of this season to make so much money from your business. In fact, this is the perfect time for brands to step up their marketing activities and double their revenues. What makes this season special is that’s the time of the year when people are willing to spend a lot of money just to make themselves and their loved ones very happy.

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In this article, you will learn how you can easily take advantage of this season to double your revenue by making an effective marketing campaign for this season.


Top 5 Ways To Plan Marketing Campaign For Winter Holidays


1. Know What You Want to Promote

The thing with winter holiday is that there are usually few big-seller items that get lots of attention every winter. If you want to make tons of sales this season, you should make out time to understand your customer’s wish lists.

The fact is that not every item will sell like crazy during this period. Items normally use at home and on vacations will help you make money during this season. If you are selling back-to-school items, then expect your sales to boom in January.

A great way to make sales this season is to target items that people need during the holiday season. Once you discover such items, you should build your campaign to create exposure and attract right customers.

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2. Start on Time

Most top brands start preparing their winter holiday campaign months before the holiday. If you are waiting for few weeks until the holiday before you start your preparation, you’re already behind your competition.

You need to plan your strategy and designs months before the holiday season.  In fact, your campaign should be active by December if you are focusing on winter.

One benefit of starting your campaigns early is that you will have more time to start testing responses and make critical changes. Starting your campaign early allows you to optimize your campaign for a successful marketing campaign.


3. Experiment With Multiple Images and Ad Copy

Like I suggested above, starting your campaign early allows you to experiment and make critical changes. You will have enough time to test different images and ad copies to see which one will bring the best response.


4. Align Your Social Media and Email Marketing

If you want to get more result from your winter holiday campaign, you will need to synchronize your social media and email marketing campaigns. In fact, Salesforce conducted a research which showed that their email campaign extended its reach by 77%. Their research also showed that those who saw their social media ads were 8% more likely to click and 22% more likely to make a purchase.

If you have an email list, now is time to clean it up. Most businesses usually ignore this point. There is no need keeping emails that just occupy your list and do nothing. It is time to get out and get new subscribers by offering free gifts in exchange for their emails.

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5. Create Holiday-Themed Offers

A great way to make tons of sales during this season is to create holiday-themed offers. Top brands such as Amazon, Coca-Cola, and even phone companies are offering exclusive winter offers. 

You are more likely to get more sales when you make your product holiday-friendly. For instance, in the spirit of the season, you can offer a 50% discount on your products or offer gift cards that allow your customers take advantage of your product at a reduced price.


Bottom Line

A great way to plan your marketing campaign is to start by analyzing the results of your last year campaign. Check for mistakes you made and correct them this time around and ensure you leverage your marketing strengths. People are ready to buy this season but you have to prepare an effective marketing campaign if you want to make tons of sales this season.