Whether you want to get leads, get visitors to click on your ads or get direct sales – the aim of every website owner is to get as much conversion as possible. Oftentimes, I’ve met businesses complaining of little or no conversion, but never seen a businessman that complains of having too much conversion that he wants to stop having more.

In this article, you will learn how to optimize your website to double the conversion you are currently getting.

Getting conversion isn’t just about how your website looks! You may have a beautiful and attractive website but still, lack conversion, you know why? – Because an attractive website is just only one piece of the puzzle. I choose to use the word ‘puzzle’ because you have to fit everything together to start seeing the result you want – From the way you design your website, to your contents, to the way it is perceived by visitors, everything has to be perfect.  Your web design and content is nothing if it doesn’t attract and retain visitors on your website.

To increase your conversion rate, you need a carefully-laid out plan of action designed to grow your business by attracting visitors and turning them into long-term customers. Below, we have uncovered some strategies you can use in attracting more visitors to your website and getting them to take action:


Top 8 Ways To Skyrocket Your Conversion Rate:

responsive website illustration

1. Make Your Website Responsive

We are in the age of mobile. In fact, more people are now visiting websites using mobile devices than a desktop computer. According to a research, an average person spends 5 hours every day using a mobile device. Not only should your mobile users be part of your plan, they should be your top priority.

Even Google is placing more emphasis on the use of responsive design. Make sure your website appears correctly on every screen and your visitors can experience your website without any hindrance across all devices. Your website must be easy for a visitor to navigate on any device of his choice.


2. Create a Call-to-Action

I’ve seen it thousands of time before; people wrote beautiful stories without telling or making it clear to the visitors what to do next. Humans are a lot like robots, they need you to tell them what to do. A CTA is your opportunity to make it clear to your visitor the action you want him to take:

  • If you want him to subscribe, use: Subscribe Now
  • If you want him to buy, tell him to: Buy Now

The aim here is to use an unambiguous word to tell your site visitor what you expect him to do next. This will help you increase your conversion. Note that your CTA must be easy to find, easy to read, and above the fold area.

google page speed insights screenshot

3. Make Your Website Load Faster

Millennials lack patients. In fact, a Goldfish has longer attention span than most Millennials. A recent study shows that over 47% of your website visitors expect your website to load in 2 seconds or less. Anything more than this, you are at the risk of having high bounce rate. According to another study, faster websites have higher conversion rates. The argument is a simple one; if you want to boost conversion, increase your conversion rate.

Check your website load speed and learn how you can improve it on Google PageSpeed Insights.


5. Make Checkout Process Fast and Easy

Still, on the issue of Millennials impatience, you need to speed up checkouts for your online shoppers, especially those on mobile devices. Make your checkout process as easy as possible so you can reduce ‘Cart abandonment’. The more convenient a visitor finds your checkout process, the more sales you can have.


5. Warm Appetite Before Sending Visitors to Your Sales Page

A great technique most marketing gurus use nowadays is to warm the appetite before sending a visitor to the checkout process. You could use social media such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to create a buzz or interest about your product. You could as well make use of email marketing. Email marketing is the best; it allows you to send customers several messages about your product before sending them to the actual sales page.

Apart from social media and email marketing, you can use your blog articles to put the hunger in them. This way, it becomes easier to close sales once the visitor lands on your sales page.


6. Build Trust With Customers

Let’s face it, if Google and another unknown brand are both selling the same product at the same price, who would you buy from? Well, it’s simple – most people will buy from Google because it is a brand that they’ve come to know and trust. As a business owner, you should spend more time to build trust and credibility. You can also build trust with customers by adding a security badge or protection guarantee to your checkout process. If you are just starting out, you will find out it pays to incorporate icons from established companies like ClickBank, Google, Microsoft or Avast to lend weight to your own.

different types of payment

7. Make use of Flexible Payment Options

If you want to increase conversion and reduce cart abandonment, make sure you have more than one payment methods. By offering multiple payment options, visitors from various backgrounds and status can buy your product without any problem. For instance, you can decide to accept PayPal, Credit Card, Skrill, and even Bitcoin as a means of paying for your product. This way, a visitor will be spoilt with options and can easily make payments without abandoning his cart.


8. Show Your Product in Action with Videos

Millennials find text boring. You can increase conversion when you make use of videos and images to show your product in action. It is a great way to increase the visitor’s confidence. Another way is also to use videos and images to show proofs. People need to see proof that your product works. With video proofs, they will have less reason to doubt your product.



Remember, creating a product is one thing, ensuring it is attracting the right kind of attention is another thing. Implementing the conversion optimization strategies mentioned in this article can help you keep your visitors and turn customers into long-term customers.