I’ve seen it thousands of time before, heartbroken product sellers frustrated with their online store. You heard that creating an online store is a great way to make serious money, you set up your product, even run some ads and yet – nothing! Despite your best efforts, it seems that no one is interested in what you are selling and you ask yourself if you even know how to sell products.

Well, there is absolutely no reason you should pack up. Instead, you need to diagnose the reason why you are not making as much sell as you would have wanted. If you look well, there might be a clear reason(s) why you are not making enough sales.

There is a lot to do to make big sales than just listing your products and doing promotions. Each customer has a problem and he needs you to solve that problem to his satisfaction. You need a way to build trust and convince your customers that you have their best interest in your heart.

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If you have been struggling to make sales, then you are in the right place. In this article, you will learn of the reasons why you are not making enough sales. If you want your business to move forward, read the following paragraph carefully to learn better how to sell products.


Top 5 Reasons Why Your Product Won’t Sell


1. You’re Targeting the Wrong Market

This is one of the major reasons why you will never make sales or sell as much as you want.

Most sellers are just in too much hurry to start selling that they forgot to research their market. You know what this means? That all your efforts will go to waste. You can’t just start a store online and start making a lot of sales, you have to know exactly who your customers are and target them accordingly.

Your content can only address prospective customers directly only when you know exactly who your ideal customer is, otherwise, your sales pitches will be too generic and ineffective.

Your design, content, site layout, and even your sales language should be created to address a specific market. Being too general is the reason why you are not making enough sales and when you address that, you will see changes in your sales.

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2. You’re Too Pushy

Just like cats, customers can smell a seller that just wants to take their money. You may have the best product in the whole world but until you figure out how to present your product to your customers rightly, you can’t make any sales.

Instead of trying to force your visitors into buying, focus on building a relationship with them first. You can do this by providing them with high-quality content on a regular basis to solve their problems.

When you get the trust of your site visitors, your promotions will be much effective and you will make more sales.


3. You Are Using Crappy Product Images

You are not making sales because you are using crappy product images. Selling online is very different from selling physically. Your online customers do not have the privilege of seeing the product they are buying unless through your images and videos.

This means that your image is the best way to represent your product. Even if you have the best product in the world, your visitors will assume you have crappy product when you are making use of crappy images.

If you want to start making the right impression, invest in high-quality and visually-stunning images. To make sure that your product appeals to your site visitors, don’t make use of manufacturer-supplied product image, it screams “me too” and therefore not unique.

Get your own photographer or graphic designer to help you design a high-quality stunning image that appeals to customers out rightly.

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4. Your Customers Don’t Know the Benefits of Your Product

When you do a bad job with your product description, you won’t make sales. This is why customers’ education is very important. It lets you get your customers in the right mindset and their wallet ready.

You probably thought that all you need is to reduce price and make tons of sales. If your site visitors don’t see how your product can solve their problem, they won’t open up their wallets. Your product description and marketing must be centered on the benefits of your product.

You need to ensure that your site visitors understand how your product can solve their biggest problems. You can do this by listing the top three benefits of your product and use them in your marketing message.


5. You Have an Accessibility Problem

Maybe you are in too much hurry to start selling that you forgot to do proper testing before launching your products. You may have the perfect products but your potential customers are having a problem accessing them.

This could be as a result of poor website design, poor checkout process, not enough payment methods, and use of unresponsive web design. When this happens, you may be doing a good job of getting people to your website, but all that work will go to waste because your site is having accessibility problem; until you address this problem, you won’t make sales.

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If you are like most sellers, you will assume your product is the reason why your online store isn’t performing well. In most cases, your products are fine; you just need to look at other aspects of your marketing.

When you are not making enough sales, all you need to do is to change your approach and you will watch your product sales soar.


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