So you have finally decided to create a jaw-dropping website? Awesome! It doesn’t matter what your motives are, creating a website is always a good idea. Nowadays, anyone can create a website; you don’t need to pay website designers if you don’t want to. All you need is to know every tool that you can use to create a website.

If you are like most people, you are probably confused and you don’t know where to start. Well, don’t worry, that’s why I made this article. Here, I explained everything you need to create a website, not just an average website, but a professional website that gets attention.


Why Do You Want to Create a Website?

Before you start to create a website, the first thing you should ask yourself is why do you need a website? What do you intend to achieve by creating a website and what type of website do you want.

Answering the questions above will give you an insight on how to go about your website design. Now, creating a website might look very simple (it actually depends on the type of website), however, some type of websites will need an advanced knowledge of a programmer or website designer. You can only figure this out when you have answered the questions above.

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Now, let’s get back to starter pack for creating a jaw-dropping website. Below, I have listed 7 things you need when you want to create a website.


7 Things You Need to Create a Website


1.  Domain Name

Every website starts with a domain name, just like every human has a name. You need to ensure that your website has a unique domain name that relates to your business when you want to create a website.

For instance: If your business is all about furniture, it makes more sense that you get a domain that looks like instead of

The first domain name example instantly tells your visitor what your website is all about. However, this rule is not set in the stone. You can get any type of domain name you want as far as it suits your need and if it’s still available.


2. Website Hosting

Before you can create a website, you need to host your files on a server and that’s where website hosting comes in. Depending on your need, you can get website hosting as low as $10/per month or $300/per month, but this depends on your needs. A2hosting offers great plans for a great price, with free SSL, cPanel, and many other free add-ons.

Check their swift plan. That’s the plan I’m using now and it’s the best choice for me after so many disappointments.

You can always start with the cheapest plan and upgrade as your business grows.

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3. WordPress Theme or Template

Depending on the platform you are using to create your website, you will need a theme or template. The theme is the outline of the design of your website.

Ideally, I will suggest you make your business stand out by getting a custom/unique theme/template. Don’t ever make use of free theme found on suspicious websites because most of them can easily be hacked. You can order your custom WordPress Theme from designers or purchase the ones that have not been over-used from sites such as ThemeForest.


4. Logo Design

Every business needs a logo. Your logo represents your business and your values. It is what your potential and current customers will identify you with.

Since a logo is an integral part of your business/website, I will suggest you take out time to ensure you get the best. Don’t just get any logo; instead, pay graphic designers good money to give you the best logo. You can get a lot of affordable logo designers on a website such as Fiverr and other freelance websites.

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5. High-Quality Images

It is no secret that you will need visually-appealing images for your website. Whether you are creating an e-commerce shop or a personal blog, you need good-looking images.

High-quality images will help to improve the quality of your website. Avoid getting your images from Google and other search engines. This could put you on serious copyright issues when you get popular in the future. If you don’t have enough money for images, you can easily get free ones from creative commons without any copyright infringement.

Alternatively, you can get high-quality images by getting a graphic designer to design one for you or get a photographer to photograph stunning images for you. However, you can easily source images from websites such as:


6. Yoast WordPress Plugin

Now that you’ve put all the tools you need together, another important tool is Yoast WordPress plugin. This tool is very necessary for your site’s SEO. It ensures that all your contents are optimized and can rank on Google.

Yoast WordPress plugin is an awesome tool and you can start using it absolutely free.

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7. Google Analytics

No matter the platform you are using, every website needs Google Analytics; this plugin provides valuable insights and helps you track every visitor that comes to your website.

With Google Analytics, you can easily see the number of people visiting your website every day, where they are coming from, the page they were visiting, how long they stayed on your website and more. This tool is very important for every website owner.



Congratulations, now that you’ve known the things you need to create a jaw-breaking website, you can get started right away. Creating a website is very easy, there are tons of YouTube videos and tutorials that can help you learn. However, if you don’t have the time, you can always make use of the services of a professional website designer to create a stunning professional website.


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