Everybody wants to be as productive as possible. But, as human beings, each one of you gets distracted and procrastinate at some point in time. That is the reason why in the era of high expectations, it is important to remember some productivity tips that actually work. Below are some of the super creative ones:


Wake Up Early

Most of you are not morning people. There is nothing really easy about opening your eyes before the sun rises without or with the assistance of coffees. However, several creative workers and CEOs believe that the key to your whole day’s productivity is to wake up before everybody else.

The rationale behind waking up very early has nothing to do with your work. But rather, the goal is to wake up early and waste the time. According to some successful people, you should climb out of bed early to enjoy more free time and ready yourself for a long day ahead. When work starts, you are driven to stay in the work-only mindset that does not allow distractions. Without this enjoyable time or relaxing before diving into the emails, people tend to start off the mornings only focused on work and it does not always put you in a good mood.

So, wake up very early tomorrow and do nothing that’s work-related. With this, you will get quality time and you’ll feel that you have started your day off and help you set the tone for the workday ahead.

locked door



Consider Full Lockdown

A common threat to one’s productivity is playing games on mobile devices and checking out some things on social media sites. It starts with innocent scrolling that you promise will only last for 5 minutes. From browsing photos to reading some tweets or status, you could resist but to check for more. This habit will not help you improve your productivity. As a matter of fact, it could ruin your routine every day. So, before it’s too late, consider full lockdown every morning and avoid social media sites that would just distract you.


Keep Making Some To Do Lists, But in a New Way

If you make a list, you’d probably go from the top to bottom or you start sticking things on the top for the reason that you want to get these done first. It’s very wrong. Varying formats could make the list far useful. Begin in the page’s center and write the items in spatial relation to each other so you make clouds of related tasks.



Procrastinate Often

You should be honest with yourself that some days you would spend more time staring at the blank screen than you do working. Sometimes, just thought of an impending, big task is enough to make you put this off. This instinct to procrastinate could make you more productive worker. Even if you have heard that procrastination is laziness, it offers some workplace benefits. Usually, people spend their days trying to get their most pressing and biggest task completed, devoting most of your effort and time on that particular work. However, staring down an important object if you start your day harms your ability to complete this.

A productivity expert says that it is best to give in to procrastination and skip the big task. But rather, work on less important things. Through prioritizing task as more important, you will start losing the sense of dread of you felt about the project. If you have run out of some tasks to procrastinate with, you will feel more prepared to take on other things.


Say No

If you want to be productive, you should be smart. Learn to say yes to the opportunities that will help you learn and grow and help your company move forward in positive direction. However, if something comes up that does not hit any of those things, you should say no. Learn how to pause immediately before you say yes and regret it later.



Try Working at Night

There are others who find it hard to detach from their bed every morning. If you’re one of them, consider working at night, especially if you don’t have deadlines. During night time, there would be no distracting phone calls and texts and there will be no unrelated questions from your coworkers. Other than that, you will feel more relaxed with the calm atmosphere and cool night breeze.