Putting together a list of some of the worst websites online is difficult. This is, in part, down to the fact that there are millions upon millions of the things. Obviously, we could not include all of them on this list. We do not have the time of day. However, we do want to show you ten of the worst websites. These websites have been carefully selected by us because we think that they can teach you a lesson about proper web design and how to make everything work perfectly for you. Basically, avoid doing what these websites do and you should be good to go!

patimex.com screenshot



This is a polish website which is dedicated to charcoal used for grilling. If you are going to head to that website (seriously, do it), then make sure that your headphones are not turned up too loud, otherwise, you are going to be in for quite a shock! There are two problems with this site (well, more than two, but we can at least give you a decent lesson here)

  • It uses Flash…a LOT of times. Like, even then GIF style logo at the top is flash. It is so pointless. You must remember that Flash is dying out. You can’t even use it on most mobile devices nowadays. Why would you want a website that can’t be viewed on a mobile device?
  • The music is abysmal. Don’t ever do that. Please.

trutech.net screenshot



Boot up this website. Go ahead. Now, a major mistake, as we mentioned before, is to use flash on your website in abundance and have no other option if you want to browse the site. Any site that does this will instantly get into a list of worst websites if we had the time. TruTech.net goes a step further than this.

You need Flash. Yes. But, you need Flash 4. This means that the site is not even working on new browsers. It is abysmal. You would think that the company may have gone out of business which is why they didn’t bother to update their site, but they haven’t. They are still making sales. Baffling!

freizetparkherne.de screenshot



The whole site is Flash, but we are not going to be critical of them for that. If you speak German, then head on over to it right now.

What we are critical of them of is the fact that it is abysmal. It has shoddy music. It uses only the Comic Sans font, and their site is not easy to browse about at all. We do not just think that this is because we do not speak German. It genuinely is not a good website. We originally thought it was a joke site at first, but it is not. It is a website for a ‘theme park’ in the country. Now, excuse us while we get annoyed by the abysmal animations that the site boasts.

theroommovie.com screenshot




This is an old website for an old movie, but it won’t escape our criticism as it is still being kept up to date. In fact, it has been updated this year with details of a 2017 tour.

The site has weird GIFS. Like, the sort you would find on a website in the late 90s. The links are tiny. Flash is required. The site is just not interesting to look at in the slightest. To us, it appears that somebody has just eaten a ton of links and some text, and they vomited it back out onto a page. It really is that abysmal.

irishwrecksonline.net screenshot




This one will get a small pass from us because it is not a business website, but it would be nice if they put some information into updating it. The thing we loathe the most about this site is that it has a landing page. In this day and age, you should not be clicking an image to get into a website. You need to get into that website right away. Even then, that link does not even get you into the website. It takes you to their terms and conditions. We don’t even know how you find the website from there. It is a shame because it looks like a ton of work has gone into the site, but they didn’t follow through with actually making it usable.

electrifyingtimes.com screenshot




This website took well…by the time it loaded I had got married and had kids. When I returned, I was greeted with old GIFS and a 90s-style layout. The site is still being updated, but for some reason, the front page still has news from 2006 on it. If you are going to run a website, then the least you can do is to try to keep the front page of your site up to date.

cloud9walkers.com screenshot




So many things wrong with this website. Where to begin?

  • Old 90s design
  • The abysmal background which does not work with the black text.
  • Comic Sans font
  • No ‘Contact Us’ page. They just list the email…not even a professional one, out there in the open.

This site could be decent and probably generate them more business if they just put a small amount of work into it.

col3vision.net screenshot




Ever wanted to experience an epileptic seizure? Well, this is where you begin. This is flashing image after flashing image on the screen. Like. So many. The screen is just so busy and does not ‘work’ at all. Yes. It is in a foreign language, but even if we spoke that language, we still would not know where to click first.

govindtiwari.blogspot.se screenshot





This is an interesting site because, for some reason, the company has managed to mess up a Blog Spot blog. Like, that is nigh on impossible.

The background is abysmal. It is flashing stars which are seizure inducing. Weird graphics which make no sense, and more pictures of the blogger than we care to see. Look at the bottom left-hand corner. There is even a .gif of him blinking. WHY?

monkzone.com screenshot





Blue text on a black and blue background. What? That is where we stopped looking at this site. You can’t read a thing, so it is tough to know anything about the site and make a judgment beyond this.

Hopefully, you have absorbed this information! We won’t lie. Some of these sites are doing business. However, if their site looked better, they could make so much more money. Work with a decent web designer. Create the best first impression for your site, and business will boom.