Perfect ads don’t happen as a result of magic. You have to continue learning and improving with each ad. I have seen marketers given up after series of poor results from their ads. If you want to get the best results, you should learn the tricks used by gurus.

What separate these gurus from an average Joe is the ability to bring back those visitors that came to their site without taking the desired actions. When a visitor comes to your website, he must have seen something interesting, it is now left to you to find a way to keep this desire burning and bring him back to your website to complete an action.

If you can master to perfectly retarget your campaigns, you will see your ROI jump all the way to the roof.


Why is Retargeting Important?

Retargeting is used to bring visitors back to your website. You can also use this strategy to reach people who didn’t open your emails and people who show interest in your product or service. If you are reading this, chances are you know that retargeting works but you just haven’t learned how to do it perfectly.

According to the available statistics, only 2% of traffic converts on the first visit to a website. Since your work so hard to get this traffic in the first place, it makes sense you find a way to bring these visitors back to your website.

Below we have listed 6 useful tips to improve your retargeting campaign.

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Top 6 Ways To Improve Your Retargeting Campaigns


1. Segment Everything

A great way to improve your retargeting campaign is by segmenting your audience. You can break down your visitors based on their interest, the page they are visiting the most, and their overall behavior on your website.

Once you have this information, you can be able to optimize your ads and show various visitors the ads that are most useful to them. Let’s say a visitor viewed your pricing page before leaving your website, you can optimize your ads to show him how to get a discount since he already showed readiness to make a purchase.


2. Make Use of the Conversion Funnel

The first thing you learn when it comes to optimizing your retargeting campaign is that adapting ads into the conversion funnel is the foundation of retargeting. You must learn to serve ads in relation to the journey of your prospect if you want to have an effective retargeting campaign.

A conversion funnel can be broken down into upper-funnel, mid-funnel, and lower-funnel. You can target the homepage at the upper-funnel. Additionally, you can include all the visitors to your website who are not already included in other segments into this funnel.  The second funnel is for visitors that visit certain pages such as product or pricing page while the last funnel is to thank visitors that have already made a purchase.

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3. Target Visitors That Look Ready To Make a Purchase

You know users with a high intent of purchase through the action on your website. Watch out for visitors who clicked severally through your cart, pricing page, the contact form, and those that visited several pages of your website. This type of visitors can easily be converted into customers.


4. Exclude Your Existing Clients

You don’t need to target your existing clients except if you want to thank them or upsell to them. In most cases, visitors that just made a purchase won’t have any need to make the same purchase (except if you are upselling). It is important that you exclude them from your campaigns.


5. Don’t Forget A/B Tests

It still comes to me as a shock that some so-called marketers forget to conduct A/B tests. That’s one of the most important tasks for improving any type of campaigns. Don’t settle for one ad, even when you think it is doing great. You can always improve in any ad, so create another ad and test to see which one is performing the best and why.

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6. Rotate Your Creative

Your ads get boring after a while. As humans, we tend to lose interest when we see the same thing too many times. If you want to keep your visitors curious, learn to rotate your creative.

Instead of serving them the same ads for weeks, you can swap out some of your existing ads with new ones and see how they react to the new creative. A good reason for this is that it will help you combat what is known as “banner blindness”. Moreover, it offers you an opportunity to test some new ad copy.



One secret newbie marketers don’t know is that you can always improve your ads no matter how good you think they are currently performing. When visitors land on your website and leave without taking action, don’t let that effort go to waste. It is not easy to get unique visitors, use the tips above to get them back to your website to take an action.


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