I have seen it hundreds of times before, heartbroken bloggers and webmasters whose applications keep on getting rejected by Google AdSense. Sometimes, it seems almost impossible to get AdSense approval.

Most bloggers and webmasters see Google AdSense as one of the easiest ways to monetize their website and it is the truth. Google AdSense pays the highest among other Pay-Per-Click publishing companies. The great thing with this type of monetization is that it doesn’t require much work, all you need is insert AdSense code on your website and you get your payment every month as far as you are qualified.



For most bloggers and webmasters, getting approved by Google has remained an elusive dream, an uphill task that doesn’t seem like it will come true for them anytime soon.

If you found yourself in this condition, just be glad that you found this article. Today, you will learn of some hidden reasons why Google AdSense keep on rejecting your application and what you can do today to get approved much faster.

Getting approved is very easy. Unfortunately for you, you have not been following Google AdSense rules and guidelines. What you should do now is follow this tips and you will see a great improvement in your next application.


Top 6 Reasons Why You Are Not Getting Google AdSense Approval


1. You Applied Too Early

When most wanna-be bloggers heard that people are making as much as $25,000 per month from AdSense, they can’t wait to start getting paid too until they apply for AdSense and get rejected.

Google AdSense gets thousands of application each day. They manually review each site to ensure it follows their rules and guidelines. When you apply too early, you run the risk of not having enough contents or have a bad site layout.

Before applying, you need to ensure you have multiple contents of more than 300 words per article and of course, a good website layout.

improving navigation


2. You Have a Crappy Navigation

Before you can get approved, you need to make it easy for a site visitor to navigate through your website. There should be links to important pages such as:

These links should be added to your menu and visible to visitors whether they are visiting from their mobile phones or computer.


3. You Have Poor-quality Or Inappropriate Contents

Don’t think you can put together a couple of spun articles and get approved; it is never going to happen. Google view every site with their AdSense code as an extension of their company, thus they want to make sure you are providing useful and appropriate contents to your site visitors.

Avoid using poor-quality contents, improve your grammar, and make sure the contents of your website are not against Google AdSense’s TOS. If you have contents about illegal drugs, weapons, porn or racisms, don’t ever expect Google AdSense to approve your application.


4. You Don’t Have Good Traffic

For the AdSense team, there is no need approving a website that doesn’t have anybody interested in it. Google AdSense needs to ensure that people are actually interested in what you are saying.

Note: Don’t think you can overcome this by using bots to generate fake traffic, you will be caught and your site may be blacklisted. The only way to get approved by Google AdSense is to generate organic traffic. Paying for Facebook ads or other types of ads to get traffic to your site won’t do much.

better web design


5. Your Design Sucks

This mistake is common among most amateur bloggers. Google will never allow you to fly their flag when your site design sucks that much.

Make out time to improve the design of your website. You can do this by investing in a high-quality WordPress theme or design. You can as well pay a website designer to help you make your website look professional so you can get approved next time you apply.


6. You Are Under 18

This may sound ridiculous, but Google AdSense doesn’t want to do business with kids. Sorry, if you are under 18, Google will still consider you a kid and won’t approve your application.

If you have done everything as you should, but still under 18, don’t lose hope; just get your parents or any other trusted an individual to help you apply for AdSense.


In Conclusion

Getting approved by Google AdSense is very easy. Unfortunately, most people are so desperate to make money that they do it all wrong. The first thing you should do before applying for Google AdSense is to calmly read and understand Google’s Terms and Conditions and their policy regarding AdSense. Make sure you abide by them all and as a result, you will see your application approved on your next attempt.

However, sometimes you just get approved for AdSense without having all these things done. Like my blog, which you reading now. I’ve got approved while having nine articles only and 50 visits altogether. It was all about high-quality content, and transparency.


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